Dementia - Best Clinical Practices

RMTBC ACCESS 0 Credits | taught by Yvonne Poulin

Course description

This relevant and engaging 1-hour course will empower you to:

  • Prepare for the needs of your aging clientele
  • Understand the causes and types of dementia
  • Recognize warning signs and symptoms of dementia
  • Promote active aging and brain health
  • Broach this topic using an effective interview model
  • Assess your client's general bio-psycho-social health
  • Report to a physician when indicated
  • Record your findings in a professional and secure manner

This course is available to you for 30 days regardless of when you complete.

Yvonne Poulin
Yvonne Poulin
Director, Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting

Click on this video to learn details about Yvonne and Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting.

Yvonne is an Elder Planning Counselor who is passionate about creating dementia-friendly communities through education and empowerment.

Her courses are fun, informative, and particularly useful for persons who treat or advise elderly clients.

Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC

Course Curriculum

Welcome Video
Course Objectives FREE PREVIEW
Course Provider FREE PREVIEW
Course Instructions
DOCUMENTS (must be viewed, printing is optional)
Warning Signs - Single Page FREE PREVIEW
Client Interview
10 Warning Signs - Brochure FREE PREVIEW
Heads Up for Healthier Brains - Brochure
Lesson 1 - PREPARE
Define Dementia
Memory loss FREE PREVIEW
Explain Dementia
Discuss Dementia
Irreversible Dementias
Quiz #1
Signs and Types of Dementia
Lesson 2 - PREVENT
Reversible Conditions
Manage Clinic
Quiz # 2
Statistics and Prevention
Lesson 3 - ASSESS
Early Stage
Middle Stage
Late Stage
Interview Objectives
Lesson 4 - REPORT
Interview Scenario Video
Routine Update
Lesson 5 - RECORD
Obtain Consent
Clinical Note
Record Findings
Self - Evaluation Survey
Evaluate Your Knowledge
Course Completion Video